Rajnita Jain

Rajnita Jain, a self taught artist, embarked on her creative journey by re-contextualizing natural and human elements to construct an artistic narrative, which is both personal and universal. Indian born and internationally recognized, her ardor for art stems from vibrant colors and appreciation for beauty in all forms. 

She works out of her home studio and art gallery in Southern California. Her contemporary painting lifestyle draws from experience in different areas of art to give balance and consistency. She pursued her education in Limnology (study of oceans), which gave her a unique perspective for creation of dignified and decorous painting styles reflecting the magical elements of nature.

She challenges the notion of idealistic beauty and freedom by examining cultural and political histories through her art. The dynamic work portfolio has been expressed in various mediumssuch as oil painting, acrylic, water colors, colored pencils and graphite pencils. For her, art is an important form of communication and she uses it to tell a story for her audience.

Rajnita's work is glorified when she explores human emotions and creates art for fashion. She is passionate about woman empowerment and raises awareness by depicting their plights and solutions through her art form. Her artworks "Cycle of life", "Unleash the veil", "Secrets from the past" are range of forces and effects, which examine female freedom and leadership played out on the same field.

Her diverse palette can be seen through interconnectedness explored between humansand nature, as well. "Parallel Universe", where she compares the universe with a human fetus, explores human connections with the universe in a simple, yet profound way. Both are so complicated, yet so diversified to understand with due respect to their individual beauty, emotions and complexity. These relationships are reflected in depth across her various works.

Rajnita's artwork has been displayed in private and corporate collections across India, Europe and the United States. In addition, she volunteers at Red Cross Society, an internationally renowned humanitarian non-governmental organization and Getty Center, world-famous museum featuring exclusive art and architecture. She is currently raising funds by selling her artwork for the CRY foundation. This organization works on four basic rights of survival, development, protection and participation for children in India.

She can be contacted for art consultations and commissioned works for corporate or home collections.



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